Friday, November 16, 2012


I find it interesting in my initial blog that I assumed library science would be the ongoing constant in my life, whereas as it's turned out nannying has been that constant! I moved from Oregon back to Michigan over a year ago now and kept with the library science program my first few months back, but quickly realized that it was neither a good fit for me personally nor a means of finding secure work in the area of the state I was hoping to settle down in.

Shortly after I withdrew from the library science masters program I took a position nannying for triplet boys (then about nine months old) and eight months later I'm still at it :-), with no definite end date in sight. I want to write more, but I'm limited on time and energy at the moment. For the time being suffice it to say that triplets are a lot of work (ja, ja, I'm Captain Obvious), and a lot of fun too :-).

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