Monday, September 13, 2010


Welcome to my new blog! By way of introduction, I'm a 25-year old male nanny (or manny) in Portland, Oregon, who's just begun an MLIS at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. Although nannying and library science are two very different things I thought it would be interesting to track, personally and professionally, my growth in and through my work and my studies on this blog and to see if and where they intersect and overlap both in my life and in life generally.

I've named this blog after a proverb that used to circulate in the USSR. Back in the day the official record of Soviet, Russian, and world history changed so frequently that Soviet citizens found what history actually was hard to predict. I've lived all over the world in a variety of cultures and I feel the proverb in my soul. What is true and unquestioned in one place is complete lunacy in another and I often find myself wondering what in the world is real and what is just someone's perspective.

I hope to maintain this blog until either my nanny job ends or I complete my studies at Wayne State or both. My life is as fluid as Soviet history, so at some point this blog may morph into a study of library science and working in a factory or library science and teaching English, but for the time being we'll leave that to the future. I hope to keep it enjoyable and real whatever I'm writing about! Cheers!

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